Investment prospects in Montenegro

The country is famous for its clean beaches. Montenegrins in general are very conscientious about the state of the coast. Add to this picturesque mountain landscapes, beautiful bays, authentic medieval architecture - is it any wonder that this is a favorite holiday destination for many Europeans and citizens of the CIS countries.
Investment prospects in Montenegro

Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive for investment.

The growth of investment potential is due to a number of factors at once.

  1. In 2025, the country joins the EU, with all the economic and tourist privileges that entails.
  2. Euro is the official currency, which is very attractive to European tourists.
  3. In Montenegro, there is a wide range of investment projects. You can invest in a small apartment, or a large luxury complex.
  4. Investment prospects are only gaining momentum, so the conditions are more than favorable. Profitability is usually an average of about 30-35% per annum.
  5. One in eight property owners in Montenegro is Russian-speaking.

There is a fairly low crime rate, so you can not worry about your safety. The resort infrastructure is well developed.

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