Предприятие по производству и реализации бумажной салфетки

Enterprise for the production and sale of paper napkins in Odessa


The company was founded in 2008, started with production volume of 3 tons of raw materials (1 machine and 137 sq. m. of space). Nowadays the company has 6 machines for napkin production and packaging.

Production volume is over 30 tons of raw material, which equals to over 150 000 packs of finished product.

The area of production and storage facilities is 1000 sq.m. (in the lease). Geographically the production is located in the geographical center of Odessa, which allows convenient access to any point of the city.

Raw materials for production purchased from factories in Romania and Belarus, packaging materials in Ukraine.

Trade marks Primera, Penni and Pollza are widely known in the region,

Established sales in the chain stores “Econom”, “Kopilochka”, “Dribnichki”, “1000 little things”, also customers are distributors and suppliers HoReCa.

Characteristics and types of products:

1-ply paper napkin, size 24*24; 22*23; 20*23 – packs of 40 to 1000 napkins in a pack; production STM.

Products are made of 100% cellulose, certified in accordance with production standards.


  • One machine for the production of napkins 2011 (Turkey)
  • Two machines for the production of tissue 2011 and 2012 production year (China)
  • Two machines for the production of tissue paper production in 2012 release (Ukraine)
  • One 2011 machine for napkin production (Ukraine)


Main categories of products / services consumers:

  • HoReCa suppliers.
  • Store chains (grocery and household goods)
  • Distributors
  • Wholesale markets


Number of employees: 9 persons

Net profit of the company:

2016 – $24,000
2017 – $36,000
2018 – $48,000

On questions of participation in the project please contact by phone UA +380 969 02 08 08 / EU +421 949 36 44 01, by feedback form or email - dv@abc-invest.eu

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