Участок для строительства жилых зданий в Северном Рейн-Вестфалии

or the construction of residential buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia


Total land area: 4380 m2
Location: on the outskirts of Bonn, in the municipality of Wachtberg (state of North Rhine-Westphalia).
You can build up to 4,500 square meters of living space on a plot of about 4,380 square meters.
In order to realize the development plan in Wachtberg / Berkum, in recent years about 40,000 square meters of new and modern residential buildings and businesses have been built in the new quarter. However, the maximum is far from being reached and further development of the area is expected in the coming years.
Wachtberg is a municipality in Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Subordinate to the administrative district of Cologne. It is part of the Rhein-Sieg district. Population over 20,000 people. The nearest large cities are Bonn (16 km, pop. 320,000), Cologne (48 km, pop. 1,080,000), Koblenz (64 km, pop. 106,000).

On questions of participation in the project please contact by phone UA +380 969 02 08 08 / EU +421 949 36 44 01, by feedback form or email - dv@abc-invest.eu

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