Restaurant with cafe in the center of Bratislava

Restaurant with cafe in the center of Bratislava


The restaurant is located in the administrative part of town in a busy location right on the first floor of a 9-story office building that employs 300 people. Nearby are the buildings of an insurance company, state administration, law firms and private clinics. High level private events are regularly held in the restaurant.

The restaurant is rented, has all the approvals, fire, liquor license and insurance.

The restaurant is completely renovated with quality building materials and interior elements, technology – energy class A.

The area is 95m2 consists of: guest area, 2 guest toilets, office, staff room (toilet, shower, changing rooms), bar, kitchen, dry storage, corridor and 1 parking space. The kitchen and the bar are fully equipped with new appliances: a kitchen stove, grill, deep fryer, convection oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer. The bar is a brand-name Italian coffee machine, coffee grinder, juicer, dishwasher, refrigerated display case for cakes, computer, cash register.

Also: free Wi-Fi for customers, video surveillance and alarm system, air conditioning.

Capacity of the restaurant is 37 seats, plus 4 outdoor seats. The restaurant is fully equipped and does not require any investment. The interior and industrial design of the restaurant was prepared by an experienced architect. The food style is focused on healthy food and the fresh atmosphere of the interior is fully consistent with the service style. The owners have already established a regular clientele. The menu has become popular with people working in nearby offices and businesses. There is an advanced web page and social media group.

The restaurant is sold as a whole working firm, monthly VAT payer with signed employment contracts with employees, payment terminal, gastro tickets, contract for the supply of branded Italian coffee. The price includes all food supplies, the entire range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Total monthly costs are 2250, – euros, including rent, utilities, parking, VAT. The price is negotiable.

On questions of participation in the project please contact by phone UA +380 969 02 08 08 / EU +421 949 36 44 01, by feedback form or email -

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