Салон красоты в Берлине – Груневальд

Beauty salon in Berlin - Grunewald


Area – 330 sq.m.
Income – 17000-20000 euro/month.

The beauty salon has four offices, three hairdressing places, two sinks, bar, yoga room, locker room, dressing room with safe lockers, two manicure places. The facility was completely renovated in the fall of 2017. There is high-quality Italian and German equipment, including an LPG Endermology machine and other cosmetology machines. The salon works in the field of cosmetology on cosmetics QMS.

A permanent staff of 4 employees, as well as 3 visiting masters and a yoga teacher. One hairdresser place for rent.

Exclusive client base of 450 regular customers, including wives of ambassadors from nearby embassy residences.

Parking is available near the building.

In addition there is a large terrace, which can be equipped as a summer cafe. There are also available rooms for rent, offices with separate entrance.

For sale only business, the property is in a long-term lease for another 10 years, the rent is 4 200 euros / month.

Grunewald is the most prestigious and fashionable district of Berlin. This green area is located near the most popular street of the city – Kurfürstendamm Boulevard. Near the beauty salon there are public transport stops.

On questions of participation in the project please contact by phone UA +380 969 02 08 08 / EU +421 949 36 44 01, by feedback form or email - dv@abc-invest.eu

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