Продажа уникального бара «BrewBar» в центре Львова

Уникальный бар "Brewbar" в центре Львова


Pub-bar in the center of Lviv (Market Square – a very passable and touristy place).

The bar is equipped with the only self-service system in Ukraine – a unique system of self-pouring beer on the tables, which has no analogues neither in Lviv, nor in Ukraine. The equipment of the system is from the world-famous Austrian manufacturer “Pour my beer”.

The main product is beer and other alcoholic drinks. There is also a full menu of European cuisine. The sale of alcohol and food is 50/50.

The unique system of pouring beer on the tables is a specialty of the restaurant that allows to save on staff and also increases the amount of sold beer by 30%.

There is good cooperation with Kraft beer producers on very favorable terms.

Market and competitive environment.

Target audience of the institution – people from 18 to 60 years old, tourists.
The potential for growth is big: the growth during last 2 months is 10% per month. Because of the unique system of bottling, which has no analogues, there is virtually no competitors too.
Possible growth and creation of a whole network of similar facilities in other areas of Lviv or other cities, or sale of franchises.

Sales and promotion

Thanks to an automated system of sale of drinks, the number of sales increases by at least 30%, also decreases the cost of staff. Promotion and advertising is done with the help of outdoor advertising, radio advertising, social networks and the Internet.
Mode of operation of the institution: 12.00 – 24.00. It is possible to extend the opening hours from 08.00 to 02.00.

Subject of sale

Corporate rights to the legal entity, kitchen and bar equipment, furniture, electronic and household appliances, decorative elements.

The reason for the sale of the business

Moving to another city and inability to do the business further.

On questions of participation in the project please contact by phone UA +380 969 02 08 08 / EU +421 949 36 44 01, by feedback form or email - dv@abc-invest.eu

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